Start-up Consultant

“Invite success opportunities, accelerate growth with Start-up management”

Managing & growing start-up accelerates with the right assistance. Start-ups struggle a lot to establish their brand value in their respective industry. Full-fledged professional services encompassing accounting, legal documentation, intellectual property, taxation services, payroll services, RBI compliances, and much more adds functional elements to optimise their efforts.
In a short span, we try to acquire impressive elements in assisting start-ups. The potent, skilled, & specifically trained start-up management team delivers successful & satisfactory services. Due to our fine results, the clients happily partner with us.

Our highly experienced and accomplished team of professionals put their smartest effort into making each start-up a success without missing any of the crucial elements essential to gear up.

Our goal is to save your time, by reducing the risks of failures, which probably increases the chances of your success.
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xaltam Startup Consultant


These are the set of full-fledged services which are designed to assist businesses, especially start-ups. They take over risk management which can fail start-ups. It covers everything from legal registrations, compliances, accounting, financial assistance, etc.

These services provide assistance incorporated with the all-around approach. This helps start-ups to

  • Compliance
  • IT/Legal
  • PR
  • SEO/Social media
  • Automation
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

YES, when we talk about start-ups every start-up should invest in integrating modern start-up services. These services help start-up owners to channelize their investments with high probabilities of success. This also makes knowledge accessible to everyone and also promotes

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