School Transport Management System (STMS)

“Deploy the best service, ensure the student’s safety with STMS”

Tracking a vehicle is not only a virtual thing of games but has been turned into reality. It helps in incorporating the innovative concept of safety educational institutes. School Transport Management System (STMS) offers tech-integrated safety assistance for the students which is the utmost priority for any academic institution.
Ultra-modern, real-time mapping-based STMS can help in managing school transports efficiently. Parents get auto-updates about the live location of their ward through notifications or SMS updates. The advanced STMS will also prevent ill-intentioned people from causing any harm to kids.
Bus drivers also feel an increased sense of accountability as the buses will be tracked by school transport management software. In addition, emergencies are easy to handle due to the incorporation of advanced technologies.
Parents' distress for their wards is always a matter of concern. By implementing STMS, you can relieve their stress up to an extent. Incorporate STMS for integrating a layer of trust in the parents.
Deploy the best exercise to ensure the security of students.
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xaltam School Transport Management System (STMS)
xaltam School Transport Management System (STMS)
xaltam School Transport Management System (STMS)


STMS means School Transport Management System. It is integrated with features that allow parents, school administrators, and teachers to assess the services' quality of transportation. It helps to keep track of vehicles for transportation that includes their statuses, locations, boarding points, alighting points, upcoming trips, cancelled trips, and much more.

If you want a transport review of your educational institute or you need to manage transport at a new school with existing transport, choose STMS. A new transport management guidance can help you in the following things:

  • Safety assurance as well as driving efficiency improvement.
  • Route management for seamless trips.
  • Scalability is highly helpful for managing multiple trips from a single system.
  • Environment-friendly as it aids in monitoring emissions, and traffic stoppages so that it is easy to track the carbon footprint of your transportation systems.

A reliable STMS must include the following features:

  • Management and collection of transport fees: It helps to pay for driving and also for the collection of the transport fees from the students.
  • Providing transport alerts to parents: Due to the tracking feature integrated at STMS allows parents to track their wards’ vehicle locations, boarding time, alighting time, accidents, or any other incidents. It is accessible through mobile devices as well which makes it more user-friendly.
  • Reports and details of transport: Record keeping about every detail of transport elements of educational institutes to ease all administrative processes.
  • Managing attendance: STMS is a modern and digitised way of saving more time and energy. A reliable STMS has incorporated certain features such as; adding vehicle scheduling, deleting routes, assigning students, respective parents & teachers, and much more.

There are several features due to which STMS is proven for Students, these are enlisted as follows:

  • Students can get real-time updates on their bus locations so that their activities effectively reduce the waiting time.
  • Whenever students are required to board or alight at different locations, the STMS of respective institutes can help them to identify the location of their vehicle.
  • Sometimes drivers also take their accountability non-seriously and do rash driving or are not courteous. Students can report such students by providing the feedback that is provided by STMS of school or educational institute.

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