Point of Sales (POS)

Those days are gone when cash registers were used for keeping records of payments. With the increase of digitalized payments, now, is a need to optimize your business. Personalized POS systems simplify billing, offer promotions or discounts and much more. Experts can easily integrate them with e-commerce platforms, accounting apps, and ERP & warehouse systems. CAGR is expected to rise by 13.3% from 2018 to 2024, according to global reports published by Business wire. If your business also involves selling things, then you must invest in integrating POS systems. These offer ease of tracing sales is vital for operating a successful business.
Incorporating a POS (Point of Sales) system helps to ease accepting payments and keep an eye on the sales track. Digital POS systems are highly reliable and flexible to use from anywhere across the globe. Use your tablet or phone, and you are all set to access your necessary information through a POS application.
Whether you own a healthcare business, cafe, restaurant, retail, or others, you can always employ a PoS system through adequate customization. As cloud-based payment methods are gaining popularity, that's why integrating personalized PoS systems PoS systems becomes the need of the hour. These cloud-based systems contain a redemption system, dashboard, user authentication, supplier details, and many more.
Besides this, according to Fact. MR, the POS (point of sale) terminal market is anticipated to witness a positive CAGR of around 7.8%. Additionally, The forecast period anticipates that it will fetch a value of US $ 180.13 Bn between 2022 -2032. Therefore, it is significant to optimize your PoS systems to manage sales, add impressive customer experience, introduce promotional offers also to execute the right operations, and much more. Finding a reliable POS? Connect to POS experts to customize your PoS system and upgrade your business.

Xaltam POS


It is a system employed at e-commerce businesses for conducting sales. These can be integrated into e-commerce platforms, ERP, warehouses, accounting applications, etc.

The type of POS systems varies from simple processes to complex cloud-based systems as per the business needs. They are of majorly three types:

  • MobilePOS
  • TerminalPOS
  • CloudPOS

These can be incorporated based on the size of (small, medium or large) enterprises.

Incorporating POS systems into a business is very helpful as they assist in handling sales, monitoring sales, performing analytical approaches, tracking inventories, managing customer data, managing employees, ease of connectivity with mobile and robust integrations, and managing multi-store.

Although, it is quite challenging to choose hardware and software. But, when you are working with a specialised POS provider, they will generate an innovative idea to work with. Hospitality, retail, and service-based business should always prefer to combine custom-made POS services.

Here, are a list of features which you must not forget to integrate into your tailored POS system, these are as follows:

  • Billing
  • Order processing
  • Account management
  • Sales monitoring
  • Sales reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Inventory management
  • Stock management, and much more.

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