Event Management

What is an Event Management Software, and How is it Helpful?

These are the software solutions that offer you the features for easy planning and handling your event from initial to final stage. The SaaS platforms are helpful for you with an administrative component along with an interface for the event visitors depending upon the requirement of the business or on-demand need.
Taking you to the successive step, it includes multiple steps. As, it is the planning for the whole cycle of the event, weather it is

  • Marketing or prompting events.
  • Communicating the visitors
  • Doing sufficient automation to reduce the workload
  • Managing the outcomes of event by performance management
  • Analytics for appropriate insights and making better business decisions

With all-in-one solutions, it becomes easy to manage the events altogether.
Let’s put light on some of the prominent features of Event Management Solution;

  • Event/ Show organization Registration
  • Booking Panel
  • Scheduling
  • Payment processing
  • Profiles of users
  • Portal for moderator(for preparing an event)
  • Portal for user
  • Portal for speaker
  • Management of budget
  • Promotion of event
  • Analytics and reports
  • 3rd-party integrations

Some of the additional features include, the integration of the social media for making user registration easy, promotion of events, and ticketing system. Integration of maps for making the booking convenient for the location of the event. Integration of the search box so that users can find the event of their interest, integration of CRM to establish an ease of communication with the users.

Advanced Features Required for the Event Management Solutions

Above discussed features are some of the basic elements required for many Event Management solutions. Besides this, there are many advanced features that are required for customizing an accurate tailor-made solution for some businesses. Some of them are discussed as follows:

Live Streaming

With these features it is easier for the audience to engage in your event. In fact, with some other associated concerns when the host in itself is not able to attend the event still wants to be vigilant with it. Then, it is a wonderful feature to enjoy virtually.

Networking of Event

Networking has an essential role in event organization. Event organizers often use multiple means for the organization of events to smoothen the communication amongst the speakers, audience, and organizers. The flexible messaging, video conferencing, audio conferencing provides an ability for the on-to-one meeting on a platform.

Business-centered Features

Developing an Event management solution gives you a one-stop destination to fully meet the needs of your business. Using this you can utilize only those features which are relevant to your industry with zero unwanted features.

Data Collection & Analytics feature

The analytical evaluation and collection of data features at event solutions will assist you at handling the events with high levels of audience engagement and satisfaction. This thereby reduces expenses. One can be calculative while planning an event in advance.

Our Existing Event Management Solutions

Event Management Solutions are boon for seamlessly managing the personal/business or any other type of events. We have already deployed a tailored Event Management Solutions for Germany-based proposals.


Why Do You Need Event Management Solutions?

You must have faced countless issues while managing events. Because, they are never easy, especially when manually managed. But, it is not the case anymore, especially with the Event Management Software Solutions.

Well, it is a really beneficial solution for the team management as it provides a unique environment for the event team for easy coordination of tasks & activities. Whether it is a sales team, marketing, accounting or any other team for managing your event become connected in one platform and would be one click away. Mere, a minor change is notified to everyone. So, with the right event management solutions your team members have access to the most recent information. It is also helpful at the real-time access of the budgets and complete transparency.

Let’s exclusive few benefits of deploying event management software at Xaltam Technologies

Cost Optimization

It is the fact that there are less affordable options for these types of products in the market but it saves your cost of the product. In addition to this, it is helpful for you to save the overall cost of the organization. If you are also thinking how is this possible? Then, you will feel fortunate to get this with Xaltam Technologies.

It will also help you to get out from the various jugglery tools and prevent wastage of time. And, as time is money you can relieve yourself from tasks that are time consuming and you have no interest in them. You can utilize that time on high value missions. This will yield you more ROI and you will enjoy its benefits. Just choose the right KPI (Key Performance Indicators) so that you can easily track the valuable steps of your event attendees.

Streamlines the Experience of Attendees

Don't you think you should modernize your image? Well, digitization made it easy to get that transformation done. With the integration of a digital tool this transformation is not only easy but also conveys the prospects of a modern company to your clients and your employees too. For example, you want to provide a mind-blowing experience. With the digitized tools you will enter the data once and your guest would easily discover the consistent and seamless experience that will make them feel like having a global brand experience.

Efficiency of Data Management

As it is an undeniable fact that when we have an all-in-one solution it is easy for the database management. Unique databases are really very much helpful for the to provide a unified view for all types of data for the team. It is easy to track and additionally, every team member can stay updated.

Event Management Solutions are Savior

If you are still dealing with excessive workload, high pocket poking issues, then, it’s time to choose a perfect solution that is tailored for you. Custom-made Event Management Solutions designed and developed by Xaltam Technologies can be your savior in your next event. Besides, if you are, we will also stand by you for maintaining your event assistant so that it will not ditch you at any moment of time. In fact, if you don't have a pre-planned layout of the design you need, no need to worry. We will give you a whole range of solutions which can be customized as per your business or your requirements after doing close analysis to provide you the best. If you are worried whether you need to go for the building of an event management solution from scratch or go for the maintenance of the existing one. You must be struggling with solving the multiple questions juggling together. Such as which are the perfectly suitable event management solutions correct for your business.